Dr. Tamara J. Lopour, D.C.

Dr. Tamara Lopour attended Palmer College of Chiropractic where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and with academic excellence. While studying at Palmer College, she broadened her coursework of the Palmer package adjusting techniques. She elected to study Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Activator Technique, and Applied Kinesiology Technique. Dr. Lopour is ICAK certified (International College of Applied Kinesiology) and worked in the obstetrics and pediatrics department at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Lopour practiced in Lincoln, Nebraska, for one year prior to moving to Fort Collins, Colorado. While in Lincoln, Dr. Lopour adjusted a wide range of patients, from newborns to geriatric patients. She particularly enjoyed working with expecting women throughout their pregnancy. Dr. Lopour also uses the Webster pregnancy technique for pregnant women.

Dr. Lopour offers genetic methylation testing, nutritional testing, and supplementation for patients seeking a holistic approach to health care. Genetic methylation testing is an exciting new field of functional medicine that provides your body appropriate co-factors and supplementation to up-regulate or down-regulate genetic variants. Commonly addressed issues include: thyroid support, insomnia, adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone balancing for both males and females, erectile dysfunction, stress and mental conditions including depression and anxiety, cardiovascular conditions, visceral dysfunctions, and much more. See the Genetic Methylation page for more information.

Prior to attending Palmer College, Dr. Lopour graduated with a degree in chemistry from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. The Groene family has been a massive influence to her chiropractic career since she was young.

While in high school and during her tenure at Creighton University, she worked as a chiropractic assistant to Dr. James Groene and Dr. Jeff Groene at Groene Chiropractic Clinic in Schuyler, Nebraska.

When she is not in the office, Dr. Lopour enjoys staying active with her husband, Mike, two dogs, Lucy & Conner, and her cat, Clyde. Lucy will occasionally be seen in the office, fulfilling her official title of "Office Mascot." Dr. Lopour enjoys training for full marathons, skiing, and traveling with her free time.